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Frequently Asked Questions

Patch it or fix it? This is an important decision to make. Do you want chiropractic service to temporarily relieve your symptoms and pain, or do you want to maximize your health to prevent your symptoms from returning? Read through the following questions and answers and find out how you can better your health.

Can Someone be Too Young or Too Old to Receive Chiropratic Care?

                    Chiropractic care is safe for all ages.  With that said, the age and condition of the patient is always taken into consideration when deveoping

                   a treatment plan that will be effective and beneficial for the patient. Chirorpactic is the  only profession that specializes in a variety of adjusting techniques which takes into consideration a number of factors prior to administering treatment.

Do All Chiropractors Do The Same Techniques?

No.  Chiropractic is very unique in this regard.  Not all chiropractors do the same techniques.  There are a variety of techniques in which one can specialize in.  In our practice we utilize the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic.  The Gonstead method of Chiropractic is taught world wide and has been considered one of the most specific forms of chiropractic treatment.  It has also been known as one of the most biomechanicaly accurate adjusting systems in the world. Results that have been achieved under Gonstead Method of Chiropractic have made international news.  Many professional athletes choose Gonstead Chiropractors because of the depth of analysis and unremarkable results. 

Headaches, Neck Pain, & the Chiropractic Connection

First and foremost, pain itself is not normal; it is a sign that something is wrong. Chronic pain is a signal that the problem has been there for a long time. Lingering headaches and neck pain may be something that can be easily fixed by a few modifications in your daily activities. Other times it may require chiropractic treatment, which has had instant results in many cases. By undergoing a brief consultation and exam, it may easily be determined if you can be helped.

Lumbar Spine Pain

Lower back pain is a leading cause of days missed from work. It is also one of the most difficult forms of pain to correctly diagnose and treat. The three independent bones of the pelvis may be contributing to lower back disorders. Other problems like limping, using crutches, or different leg lengths may also be factors to be considered. The correct analysis is essential to forming the appropriate treatment for lower back disorders. Physical examination is a must for this type of problem.

Will Pain Medication Fix Reoccurring Backache, Neck Ache, or Headache?

Pain medication typically reduces the symptoms temporarily and makes conditions more tolerable, until the body has a chance to heal what is injured or correct what is wrong. Once healing or correction has occurred, there should be a continual decrease of pain or total absence of pain. If the pain persists, this is evidence that something is still unhealed, uncorrected, or could be getting worse. There may be better solutions other than pain medication.

If I Decide to Consult with the Chiropractor, What Will They Do?

In most cases when someone visits our office for a consultation, there is a brief medical history form that is filled out. This helps us understand your overall health condition and gives us smaller bits of information that can make a world of difference in understanding your present state. We also ask what your major concerns are at the time of the consultation, which allows us the opportunity to address any specific conditions or problems that we may be able to help with. Furthermore, it provides you with the chance to gain a better understanding of what your specific health concerns may be, and what you could do to better manage them.

Can Pain in the Shoulders Be Helped by Chiropractic?

The shoulders can be painful due to many conditions and reasons. Some circumstances can be helped by chiropractic and some cannot. Some conditions may also be co-managed between chiropractic and other health care providers. Many times there may be other chiropractic issues that don’t allow the shoulders to function as they should and these problems can only be detected by a chiropractor.

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